Disa in S/H

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Disa in S/H

Postby DeanPrangley » Wed May 03, 2017 4:26 am

Hi All

With this being my first post I would first off like to say thanks for welcoming me into the community :-)

Now onto the topic, I have found very little regarding Disa culture in S/H but what I have found claims them to be difficult due to their specific low PH needs but feel they should be perfect candidates for thr method itself.

Being from Cape Town, I have a keen interest in the Disa genus as there are species all over my local mountains (though NONE of my plants are wild collected)

I plan to take six Disa seedlings (3 Helmut Meyer 'Yellow' and 3 uniflora) and place one of each into the standard spag and perlite mix I use on Disa (as a control), then one of each will go into S/H and be watered with the same PH neutral water all the other plants get, then lastly I plan to place one of each into S/H but water them only with water that has had a bag of acidic peat soaking in it for a week (bit of effort to keep a constant supply of peat water but I feel it will be worth it)

I have chosen both a Hybrid and a species for this experiment.

I will post pictures in a few day when I do the transfer of the seedlings and if all goes well I will post updates of my success.

I would love to hear any other members thoughts on this.


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Disa in S/H

Postby raybark » Wed May 03, 2017 7:59 am

I think you'll be breaking new ground here....

Most of the folks I know that are successful with disas set the pots into a recirculating bath of chilled water.
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