DIY Photo Background Rack

Ever wonder how many of the orchid photos you see appear as if the flowers are “floating” in space? Most often, that is due to the use of a velvet background that is placed a short distance behind the subject.

While it is possible to drape a piece of fabric over a table or a chair, If you take a lot of photos, this free-standing DIY photo background rack is easier to deal with.

Parts List:
1/2" PVC Pipe 1 piece 40" long (top)
2 pieces 60" long (uprights)
4 pieces 24" long (feet)
1/2" PVC 90º Elbow 2 pieces
1/2" PVC Tee 2 pieces
Velvet 1 yard x 48" wide (Black is best)
Large Binder Clips 3 or 4 (from office supply store)

Assemble the pieces to form the structure depicted below, but do not glue the pieces together (it’s more convenient to store it disassembled.)

Use binder clips to suspend narrow edge of fabric from the top rail, and you’re set to go.

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