Free Services

In addition to our large number of free informational articles, we offer some free services to help you with your orchid growing:

Newsletter Service We will send a monthly newsletter to advise of additions, sales, and the like, plus culture articles.  Subscribers get first shot at our infrequent plant offerings (mostly divisions or extras from our own collection), and the occasional discount not offered publicly.

Hybrid Name or Genealogy Lookup Need to know what species were used in the makeup of your hybrid, or if it has been used as a parent?  We will be happy to look it up in OrchidWiz for you!

Orchid Help Mailing List If you have an orchid culture- or ailment issue, or wish to assist others that do, you may subscribe to this free mailing list.  (Truthfully, this list has very little activity.)

Orchid Photos Mailing List Like orchid photos? Don’t have a place to share them online? Did your ISP cut off access to binaries newsgroups? Join this free mailing list and you can resume doing so.

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