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Orchidphotos Mailing List

Like sharing orchid photos with others? Need help, and “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  Then the “Orchidphotos Mailing List” is for you!

Many of us were a bit lost, as our ISPs dropped access to NNTP (news) servers, and we were hesitant to pay for the service elsewhere, so…we have a mailing list instead.  (Originally, this was hosted through “”, but as our volume became larger and larger, their servers slowed down our distribution.  Accordingly, we have now switched to “Google Groups” for this service.

To use this service, you must start by subscribing to the group.  You may do so by clicking this link, and send an email to “

Once you have done that, simply insert an image file into-, or attach the file to an email message addressed to “” (sent from the email account you used when you subscribed), and all subscribers are automatically sent a copy.  When you wish to respond, please select “Reply to All” so it goes to all other subscribers, as well.  Hitting “Reply” only sends it to the person who posted the last message in that thread.

You have complete freedom about subscribing and unsubscribing, and as Ray is the moderator, no spamming will occur as a result of using the list.  If you have any issues, just contact us.