Musa acuminata Super Dwarf Banana


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This unique super dwarf banana allows for growing inside the home, on the porch, or close confines of a patio.

It has a very symmetrical and compact appearance and will be mature at 2′-4′ in height, producing fruit inside or out.

Easy to grow in containers down to 8″ in diameter.  Hardy in Zone 8 and higher, but makes a great potted plant for any patio. It has an attractive mahogany colored trunk and will produce a small edible fruit even in a container. Light: Full Sun/Part Shade Bloom Season: All Year

These are larger seedlings in 4.5″ pots, ready to move up to 6″ or 8″.  I have left the plug photo in the gallery so you can compare the size.

Download:  Dwarf Banana Care Sheet