“Plug-and-Play” Dechlorinator


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If you wish to eliminate chlorine from your tap water, it’s a simple process to let it stand in an open container for 24 hours.  If, on the other hand, you want an on-demand water supply or your municipal provider uses chloramine instead – and the vast majority do – that simply won’t work.  Here is an on-demand, “plug and play” solution!

The the working part of the dechlorinator is a full-flow filter housing containing a standard 10″ x 4.5″ carbon cartridge.  The inlet side attaches to your spigot, and the outlet has a male garden hose fitting to which you attach your hose.  Done!  Once connected, it can be left in place or removed, as you prefer (store it indoors if freezing temperatures are expected).

Includes the assembled unit with carbon filter installed, inlet connector hose, filter housing wrench, and a spare filter.  Each filter is good for about 9000 gallons of throughput.

The filter cannister is approximately 13″ tall by 10″, not including the inlet hose.  The appearance may vary from the photo.

Assembled to order, non-stock item, so no discounts apply.

Pricing includes delivery to US addresses.