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More and more folks are installing reverse osmosis systems in their homes so that they have no concerns about pollutants and pathogens in the water used for drinking and cooking.

If you are a plant grower, by starting with pure water, and adding a complete fertilizer designed for it (the Greencare “MSU” formula or K-Lite, for example), you know exactly what your plants are getting, making adjustment and control far more precise. Misting with pure water also eliminates all leaf spotting from mineral buildup.

We are offering top-quality systems incorporating:

  • Input line stop adapter (connects to existing cold water line)
  • Long-reach faucet
  • Drain saddle and housing wrench
  • 3.2 gallon tank
  • Automatic shutoff valve
  • RO tanks and faucet connector
  • Check valve and drain flow control
  • Installation diagram and instructions

We have incorporated the newest in gradient sediment filter technology to assure longer filter life, and carbon block filters having nano-silver coatings on the covers for enhanced bactericidal action, plus a post-RO membrane polishing filter.

If you are on a chlorinated water supply, you must upgrade to a 5-stage system (only $15 more) to extend the life of the membrane.

Package includes a filter housing wrench and sufficient extra sediment and carbon prefilters for the first two years of use (sediment filters to be replaced at 6 month-, and carbon filters at 12-month intervals).  Maintenance Kits, containing a replacement membrane, post-filter, and another two year’s of prefilters are also available.

This is a non-stock item that is drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer, so is not eligible for discounts.

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4, 5 (required for chlorinated water)


60 gpd, 100 gpd