Sarracenia Bug Bat


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The Bug Bat Pitcher Plant is a tall cultivar with copper-colored pitchers, topped with rounded, arching, cinnamon-reddish hoods. The trap tops are narrow and show red and white coloration of its S. minor parentage with distinctive veining and rows of white areoles (windows). It is a vigorous plant that readily forms dense, 6″-16″ tall colonies. It prefers open, sunny warm, boggy conditions, and holds its color into the frost. If planted in the north, they will lose the foliage and go dormant.  In the south or when grown as a house- or greenhouse plant, they will appreciate a cool, winter rest.

The flowers are dark red and fragrant, and generally bloom mid-season. It will stand out in your bog garden, and these are great orchid companion plants indoors or in the greenhouse as they eat bugs!

These are tissue-cultured plugs, so will need to be potted up in a peat-based mix (5 parts peat to 1 part sand) or standard carnivorous plant media.  Do not plant in rich soil or fertilize them (Kelpak is still a good stimulant, though).

Download a sarracenia care sheet.