Thuricide BT Caterpillar Control


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Thuricide® BT Caterpillar Control

I have found the Thuricide product to be better at dealing with fungus gnats than my long-used and recommended method of using “Mosquito Dunks” or “Bits”, and I think the reason is pretty simple:

The “dunks” and “bits” contain dormant bacterial spores. For them to affect the gnat eggs and larvae, they must be wet so that the bacteria reactivate and then replicate sufficiently to grow their population to a mass capable of releasing an effective dose of toxins. The Thuricide product is a liquid containing an active bacterial population, spores, and the toxin, right in the bottle, so can go to work right away.

• OMRI approved

• Low toxicity to humans and animals

• Used by Organic growers

• Made from a bacteria that is toxic to certain pests – including fungus gnat larvae

• Same active ingredient as Dipel®

Contains Bacillus thuringiensis in liquid form

Use 1 tablespoon/gallon as a spray and potting media drench.  Repeat weekly for three or four treatments.

Download:  Specimen Label  SDS