Semi-Hydro Example Photos

 An assortment of Semi-Hydro example photos to demonstrate the culture method’s applicability to a wide range of plants.

Phragmipedium Grouville ‘Wacousta’ AM/AOS Grown
spectacularly by Dot Barnett.To the best of my knowledge, the first AOS award for a Semi-Hydro-grown plant!
You like nice root growth?
This will give you an idea of how plants
can do in Semi-Hydroponics™These two images are of the same plant
(Paphiopedilum Deperle) in the same pot, separated by only 16
You think phragmipediums like semi-hydro culture?
Look at that root system – right down into the reservoir!
Another phrag, this time it’s Phrag. Don Wimber, a year
after moving from a 3″ pot into a 6″ S/H pot.
Photo courtesy of Geff Ivey
It’s said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.
How’s this for a comparison?5 months after coming out of a community
pot at the same size, these are sister plants of Phrag Lutz Rollke x P. besseae, one in CHC
mix, the other in S/H, both getting MSU fertilizer @ 100-150 ppm N.
Photo taken and plants grown by Tammy Moore of Washington state
How about this?  Could repotting into a larger pot
be easier?
Photo courtesy of Joe Burns
Another example of excellent root growth, this time with Iwanagara Apple Blossom.Algae is a result of higher light conditions and a translucent pot – obviously of no detriment to the plant!
Photo courtesy of Geff Ivey
Cymbidium kanran that should have been repotted before
it broke the pot!
Photo courtesy of Lynne
Adaglossum Summit ‘Frenchtown’ AM/AOS`
Phalaenopsis violacea ready for repotting
Photo courtesy of Bertil Nilsen
Poor choice of S/H pot, but it worked fine!
Photo courtesy of Todd Zimmerman
Oncidium hybrids seem to do quite well in S/H culture
Photo courtesy of Jim Rowley
Pleione formosanataking advantage of the cool, moist environment of Semi-Hydroponics
OK, for you growers of Dendrobium nobile hybrids…Plants are not allowed a dry period, but fertilizer is totally withheld from November through February
Photo courtesy of Jim Rowley
Another phrag -this time Phragmipedium Grande
Grown and photographed by Marlis Struebing
If anyone has doubts about the ability to grow quality
plants in S/H culture, check out these two First Place winners:Lc. Memoria Robert Strait  &Phalaenopsis Carmela’s Pixie
Grown and photographed by DeVona Dors
A non-orchid example, the avocado, grown from the pit

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