Semi-Hydroponic Pot Volumes

I am often asked “How much PrimeAgra® do I need to pot up the following…”.

Rather than doing all of the calculating myself, I figured that having the semi-hydroponic pot volumes available makes it easier for everyone.

Keep in mind that the root mass will take up space, and you probably won’t fill the pots to the top, so you are likely to fill more pots than are listed below.

SizeVolume5L will fill20L will fill
3.5-inch Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White3.5″250 ml (0.25 liter)2080
4.5-inch Squat Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White4.5″ Squat700 ml (0.7 liter)1352
4.5-inch Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White4.5″950 ml (0.95 liter)1040
6-inch Squat Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White6″ Squat2 liters2+10
6-inch Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White6″2.5 liters28
6.5-inch Squat Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White6.5″2.5 liters28
8.25-inch Semi-Hydro Pot - Opaque White8.25″5 liters14

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