Inocucor Garden Solution (Synergro) – 1 L Bottle


Inocucor Garden Solution protects your plants from pathogens and stimulates growth.

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Concentric Ag’s Inocucor Garden Solution® (being transitioned to the name Synergro) is a scientifically-developed blend of  cooperating consortia of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, making it far superior to competitive offerings, and it is consistently manufactured, giving it far more benefits than the random cultures developed in traditional manure- or worm “teas”.

The microbes inoculate plants and potting media, killing pathogens, secreting antibiotics that help prevent future infections, and exude plant growth stimulants.  Regular use of the product can improve the quality of the growing medium, keep plant pathogen cultures from developing, and enhances the plants’ own resistance to pathogens in general, thereby reducing the need for artificial chemical treatments.

Inocucor Garden Solution® is “food safe”, OMRI-listed for organic use, and may be safely applied without concern for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Practical studies by universities and commercial growers of food crops have seen improved seed germination, fewer losses, and greatly improved crop yields as a result of Garden Solution® treatments.  Orchid growers throughout the world are noting reduced incidences of “rots”, and improved survival rates among ex-flask seedlings. One well-known grower in Asia has used it to improve his efforts to artificially propagate Paphiopedilum tigrinum, which is essentially extinct in its native habitats in China.

Cannabis growers have noted the development of reduced internode distances, resulting in a sturdier, bushier plant.

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