KelpMax Superior Plant Growth Stimulant – 1 Liter


The most effective plant growth stimulant on earth!

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Unique among seaweed extracts, this kelp concentrate is made from fresh Ecklonia maxima kelp from South African waters, and is higher in auxins than cytokinins, which is also unique among seaweed extracts. Auxins stimulate root growth, enhancing water and nutrient uptake. The new root tips produce cytokinins, which lead to better top growth, which in-turn results in better flowering, fruit development, and improved resistance to stresses brought on by drought, overwatering, temperature extremes, and some diseases. Extracts that are high in cytokinins stimulate top growth, but may result in plants with insufficient root structures to properly support them.

More effective than synthetic hormones, and has a shelf-life of at least two years if kept cool, dark and tightly sealed between uses.

For orchids, we recommend the product be used in three different ways, depending upon your need, but always at 1 Tablespoon/gallon:

Plants with no roots
  1. Using warm water, immerse the entire plant for an hour or two.
  2. Without rinsing, pot it up, and water it in with that solution.
  3. For the next two waterings, use the KelpMax solution.
Repotting plants with decent root systems
  1. Pot them up and water them in with the KelpMax solution.
  2. Repeat the next two waterings.
Existing, established plants (and those above, after  the recommended treatments)
  1. Add to irrigation water or fertilizer solution no more often than once per month.

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$37 may seem like a lot of money, but that’s only $0.55/gallon used once a month for superior plant growth!

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