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With over 45 years of orchid-growing experience, coupled with a science and engineering background, First Rays is a trusted source of solid scientific information, providing over 100 free informational articles (menu to the left).  We are always willing to answer questions directly to help you understand and improve your orchid growing.

We invented the Semi-Hydroponic™ (“over-waterproof your plants”) method of orchid culture (see our entire section on this via the menu to the left), and became a valued supplier of plants and supplies.  When we retired from our “real jobs”, we downsized the business, so now only stock three products, which when combined, offer a fantastic regimen for producing plants that grow and bloom tremendously.  The products are: KelpMax™ Superior Seaweed Extract, the most effective plant-growth stimulant available, Concentric Ag’s Inocucor Garden Solution® “Plant Probiotic”, as well as K-Lite Orchid/Epiphyte Fertilizer.  We also make Reverse Osmosis systems and maintenance kits available through our secure online retail store.

In addition to those, we are a discount reseller of Grower’s Supply plant light-, and grow stands, as well as any of Hydrofarm’s thousands of products.  If you have an interest in any of those, please check their websites, and just drop us a line requesting a quote (with specific item numbers, please).  We can meet or beat pretty much any price out there.

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