Do-It-Yourself K-Lite

I get a lot of requests about shipping K-Lite Orchid/Epiphyte fertilizer outside of the US, and while it is not a problem to do so, the shipping cost is ridiculous!

I know that Akerne’s Rain Mix – a Belgian-made version of the “MSU RO” fertilizer – is fairly easy to obtain in Europe, so why not use that as a base to make your own K-Lite?

Ingredients: Akerne’s Rain Mix, calcium nitrate, Epsom Salts.

Mix the dry powders one-third each, by weight. The resulting, custom-made fertilizer formula is 9.1 – 0.9 – 4.6 – 10.3Ca – 4.5Mg.

When 1,1g of that blend is dissolved in 1L of water, you have a 100 ppm N solution, which would be my recommendation for weekly application.

For those currently using another fertilizer, you can do some similar blending. Our “K-Lite Knock-Off” Calculator can help.

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