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Hybrid Names & Genealogy Lookup

As a buyer of a wide variety of flasks and seedlings, we’re frequently exposed to complex, supposedly-unnamed hybrids, such as:
Phal. [Offthewall x (Ralph’s Roof x Fred’s Floor)] x (Onceuponatime x Dtps. Now and Then)

and it’s sometimes nice to know that it can be summed up as “Doritaenopsis Blablabla”. Plus, as we dabble more in hybridizing, knowing the specific makeup of potential parents is a must.

Accordingly, after considerable research and testing, we decided that the OrchidWiz Encyclopedia ( was by far the best tool available for our needs, and a lot more.

Since we have it, why not share the wealth of knowledge it holds?

If you are looking for the progeny or genealogy of a plant, please CLICK HERE to drop us an email with your request, and we’ll dig into it as soon as we can. Please try to limit your request to a few plants, but if it is an extensive list, it may be a while until we can respond.