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Multiply Your Plants

I am a big proponent of using KelpMax in my growing regimen. It helps my plants maintain beautiful root systems and provides nutritional elements that fertilizer simply cannot. It has another benefit that folks might want to take advantage of: helping multiply faster, giving you true specimens in record time.

Once a month, I add one tablespoon of KelpMax to each gallon of water or fertilizer solution I apply to my plants. Interestingly, if I change that to every two or three weeks, I get more growths per plant.

For example, I purchased a complex paphiopedilum from Hillsview gardens. It was a single growth that arrived in-bud. After the blossom faded, I began applying KelpMax every two weeks. In the course of a year, it had eight new growths! That was an extreme case, I’ll admit, but a two-growth plant becoming six is fairly common:

Paphiopedilum hybrid in 4″ pot

I have seen this reaction in paphiopedilums, phragmipediums, cattleyas and oncidiums, plus in nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants) as well as dracaenas and aglaonemas (Chinese evergreens).

Doubling the application concentration can also give similar results. Since KelpMax is more about complex nutrients and growth stimulants than just hormones, it is far safer to use than other additives.