Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil


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Many of you are aware of the use of cinnamon powder as a fungicide/bactericide, and its use on fresh wounds on plants’ leaves.  The curative effect comes from cinnamaldehyde, and compound found within the powdered bark.  One of the significant drawbacks, however, is that the powder is a tremendous desiccant that can kill roots.

As a more powerful, yet safer alternative, we are offering Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil, which contains high levels of the even more effective fungicide/bactericide, eugenol.  When mixed with isopropyl rubbing alcohol at 1/4 teaspoon/quart, it becomes a very effective treatment that is safe for the entire plant.

For those of you who are more adventuresome, I have used it on myself, mixed with liquid lanolin at 1% oil, to cure athletes’ foot, and when painted on nails at full strength using a Q-tip, then covered with a band-aid to prevent wearing it off, it knocks out toenail fungus in a matter of a few weeks.