OrganiShield Insecticide-Miticide – 1 Pint


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OrganiShield is an OMRI-listed organic insecticide, miticide, and ovicide.  Those of you who have been our customer for a while may recall that we used to carry this product under the name “SucraShield”.  This is the same blend of sucrose octanoate esters, “resurrected” after the close of the old distributor.

It provides fast and sure biochemical control over a broad spectrum of soft-bodied pests, including adelgids, aphids, mites, fungus gnats, mealy bugs, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars, soft scales, leaf miners, thrips, and hundreds more.  It is effective on adults, larvae, pupae and eggs (unlike most treatments that only affect adults), and works by perforating the protective outer layers on the insect, resulting in desiccation and suffocation.

It is fast-acting, showing results within hours of application, yet is very safe to use and presents no risk to bees.  In fact, the base chemical has been approved to eradicate varroa mites from hives.  When used on food and fruit crops, they may be harvested and consumed the same day.

Use a 0.8% to 1% solution (1- to 1.25 ounces/gallon). depending upon the severity of infestation.

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