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Folks that don’t know me sometimes believe that I promote Semi-Hydroponics™ because of my commercial interests, when it’s the opposite that’s true – It works for me, so I promote it! My public sales of the pots and medium come from my interest in buying at wholesale prices (I bought 65,000 liters of PrimeAgra® in the last year – way more than I can use), and offering it to the public.

To show that I am not alone in my great experiences with Semi-Hydroponics™, here is an unsolicited testimonial I received via email:


You might find this useful to pass along to an inquiring customer:

In June of 2002, I bought a very small Slc. Mahalo Jack from Carter & Holmes. I grew it in a sunroom, south-facing window, and it never bloomed and never thrived. In the winter of 2003, it enjoyed MH light in addition to daylight. It still failed to thrive–lived, yes; thrived, no.

In April of 2004, I put the plant in S/H. In June of 2004, I moved it outdoors for the summer. Now, in mid-September of 2004, the plant is doing wonderfully! From the attached photo, you can see new growth, a little sheath, and the new root development. The brown roots are the old roots that have rotted, and the new, husky white S/H roots (larger in diameter than the bark-media roots) have all formed since April. There has been more root growth in 5 months than in the previous two years. I’m sure that being outside for the summer contributed to the plant’s vigor, but I believe that S/H had more to do with it.

Another nice thing about S/H is that plants are very easy to “debug” when they come in for the winter.

BTW, normally I wouldn’t unpot a plant when it is developing a bud, but I accidentally knocked over this one, dumping it out.
DaVona Dors

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