PrimeAgra ®

(Please note that PrimeAgra® is no longer manufactured.  Please use this article to learn about LECA in general.)

PrimeAgra® brand lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) is a superior potting medium for orchids and many other plants.


  • Cleaner to use than organic media.
  • Odorless – no mold or mildew.
  • Excellent capillary action delivers nutrient solution to the plant safely and evenly.
  • Good air circulation around the individual pebbles develops healthier roots and helps prevent rot.
  • Cost-effective, as it is totally reusable.

PrimeAgra® ceramic medium is an absorbent, lightweight, inert and non-degradable growing medium that outperforms traditional media in every way.

Made by heating clay pellets to over 2000ºF, the interior is expanded to a sponge-like form, which provides exceptional absorption of water and nutrients, while the surface is more densified, providing strength while limiting salt buildup. It is this unique structure that sets PrimeAgra® apart from other clay media.


PrimeAgra® is sterile, and will not compact, decompose or harbor mold or disease. Its regular shape promotes good air circulation in the root zone, which creates a stronger root system and a healthier plant.

Clean and Easy to Use:
1. Rinse with fresh water to remove any dust that may have formed during shipping.
2. Soak overnight in rooting solution (1-2 teaspoons. K-L-N per gallon)
3. Pot your plant to normal depth in saturated medium; settle by gentle shaking.
4. Water using the rooting solution.

Reusable Over and Over:
1. Spread the used medium in a tray, and set it out to dry.
2. Remove any organic residue by pouring from one container to another, using a fan or the breeze to blow away dried leaves or roots.
3. Soak overnight in disinfectant solution (fill bucket 2/3rds with medium, fill with water, and add 1 cup of household bleach per gallon).
4. Rinse several times with fresh water to remove bleach.
5. Soak in rooting solution and use it again!
We have found that by using PrimeAgra® in our Semi-Hydroponic pots, it is virtually impossible to overwater plants, and they just thrive!

Even if the idea of semi-hydro doesn’t appeal to you (or to the plants you grow), PrimeAgra makes a great medium to use in “traditional” culture.

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