The First Rays Orchids Business Philosophy

First Rays is a home-based, family-run business. Our primary focus is orchid-growing supplies, but we do carry some plants as well. Unlike many sellers who stock large quantities of plants, we generally acquire moderate numbers of plants (usually the minimum needed for wholesale pricing) that we want to keep for our own collection, and offer the rest to you. In effect, we often act as a plant “broker” for the hobby grower. Rarely do we restock something once it’s sold out, unless there’s a lot of demand, or we’re looking for “that special plant.”

We try our best to keep our prices down, and they are usually some of the best available. Our interest is sharing the wonderful world of orchids, not fleecing others. I was literally yelled at by one of my suppliers for not inflating my prices! Also, because of the volatile approach to inventory, our prices on restocked materials may vary from its last offering.

We do not substitute items if something is sold out. We don’t like vendors doing that to us, and we won’t do it to you. The same is true of quality – if we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it. We’d much rather have you be disappointed at not getting something you wanted, than at getting something you didn’t want.

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