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General Info

Our company name is based upon the fact that we’re quite particular to flowers in the red-orange-yellow color range – those seen in the “first rays” of a sunrise. Our logo depicts that sunrise in a computer-generated image of a tropical rainforest mountain ridge, upon which an image of our own Encyclia bractescens has been superimposed.
We’re fond of phalaenopsis, angraecoids, and vandaceous plants in general, as well as cymbidiums, paphiopedilums, phragmipediums and unusual species and hybrids of all kinds. Most of the plants we offer are relatively easy to grow in the home, so both “beginners” and experienced growers can find something of interest.

Something else you should know: being an engineer by education, I’m always looking for “the better mousetrap,” or in this case, the better culture technique, so I experiment with containers and media quite a bit. Plants for sale are usually grown in more traditional containers and media, but you just might get stuff in Semi-Hydroponics, especially if I see that they do REALLY well in it, or some other odd-ball concoction, such as coir-based peat/sphagnum blends. (Don’t worry, if it doesn’t seem OK to me, you won’t get it.)