The First Rays Guarantee

As a friend put it: “Our plants are guaranteed to live! (Or die trying.)”

Seriously, we won’t ship a plant we wouldn’t consider buying. If you don’t agree with our assessment, we’re happy to refund your money upon return of the plant within two weeks of shipment. If you do have a problem, let us know right away and we’ll work with you to remedy it. Being human, sometimes stuff will slip through that we all wish had not been shipped. If that happens, don’t get mad (I know we can’t ask you to not be disappointed…), but please drop us an email instead, and we’ll work it out.

Obviously, stuff that’s been in your hands for an extended time can’t be covered, as we have no control over your culture. (You’d probably be surprised at some of the weird requests we’ve gotten.)

On those occasions when we ship plants in-spike, -bud, or flowering, we will be careful to pack them to avoid damage, but as we lose control over them upon shipping, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive intact. In the history of our shipments, we’ve only lost a bud here or there, or had a broken petal, so don’t be too concerned.

Like plants, if you have any questions or issues with supplies, drop us an email on that, too!

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