The First Rays Approach to Your Privacy & Security

When we shop online, or even chat with others, we are always concerned about your privacy, and the security of any payment information we may share with vendors.

As we gain customers, we accumulate a lot of names, addresses, and emails (see the map of our US customers). We absolutely will not share that “mailing list,” so you can be sure that junk mail or spam email did not originate here! Heck, I’ve only used the list twice in our years of existence, where one was to notify folks of a spectacular deal we were able to put together, and the other was to send out holiday cards thanking folks for their support, and giving them a discount on a future purchase. Most folks don’t find that too disagreeable.

We have had folks ask us to put them on our mailing list, so they can be kept apprised of list updates, but as we don’t know which of our customers do- and do not want to be sent such notices, we leave that up to you, by employing a double-opt-in newsletter service.

You need not be concerned about entering credit card info for payment, either. When you place an order, an automatic confirmation email is sent to you, and another email is sent to notify us that your order has been placed, but the credit card number is not included. The complete order is captured on a secure server, and we never see your payment info!

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