Repotting into S/H from Traditional Media

 The following is a simple pictorial instruction about repotting into semi-hydro™ culture from traditional, organic media.

Before beginning, be sure the plant is sprouting new roots from its base, as that gives the plant the best opportunity to pick up from where it was and make the transition smoothly, with minimal stress.

1. Prepare your LECA well in advance, rinsing it to remove dust, then soaking it in an excess of water for at least 24 hours to extract manufacturing residues and saturate the medium.  To improve on that, add about 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts per gallon to the soak water for at least overnight, then dump it and soak it again, this time using KelpMax at a tablespoon/gallon to “kick-start” root growth.

2. Select the plant to be repotted, and set aside the tag.

3.    Remove the pot, exposing the root ball and old medium.

4.    Carefully remove the old medium, trying to damage the roots as little as possible, and trim off any dead- or damaged roots.

5.    Add LECA medium, filling one-third of the pot. (The depth is not critical, as long as the roots are above the top of the reservoir.)

6.    Position the plant in the pot, spreading the roots over the medium.

7.    Add medium a little at a time, gently shaking the pot periodically to get the medium within the root ball.

8.    Fill the pot with medium to the normal planting depth appropriate for the plant, water it in with the KelpMax soak solution, reinsert your tag, and you’re done!

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